The ICAO Aviation English test evaluates your ability to use plain English in a realistic aviation context.

We evaluate both your listening and speaking skills.

The test is broken down into three parts.

During the interview, you will have a discussion with the examiner about work-related topics related to your aviation role.

Our examiners create a low stress testing environment. We try to put you at ease to allow you to demonstrate your fluency in Aviation English.

During the Interactive Comprehension phase, you will listen to audio recordings of international English speakers and answer questions about what has been said.

The recordings simulate real-life Aviation radio communication and portray non-routine and emergency situations.

During the Description and Discussion part of the test your assessor will use some visual tools to learn more about your Aviation English level:

  • You will be shown an aviation related picture and asked to describe it.
  • You will be presented with a second related picture and asked to compare it with the first.
  • The assess or will ask you some more general questions about the Aviation Industry.


Your test will be recorded.  This allows the examiner to focus on conducting the test.  The recording is used after the test to evaluate the test and determine the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating level.

Your Results

After the test, the test is assessed against the ICAO’s Language Proficiency Rating Scale. You will be advised of the result in 14 working days.

How we test

We use the Test of English for Aviation (TEA), which is ICAO compliant and is recognised by the aviation authorities in the UK, Europe, Australia and USA.

How long does it take?

The test takes between 25 and 30 minutes to complete.

You will be sent a certificate outlining your level for each of the six ICAO proficiency areas, Fluency, Vocabulary, Structure, Comprehension, Interaction and Pronunciation.

You will receive the certificate in around 10 working days

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